Lattice Paths, Combinatorics and Interactions
Marches aléatoires, combinatoire et interactions

21 - 25 June 2021 (... and post-conferences goodies!)

Let's gather clues

We had our poster sessions, our coffee break discussions in the "Hotel Latticepathologia" (a Gather.Town site which we created for the conference). On this site, we also created a puzzle/quest: will you succeed in identifying the statue in each room? They are all famous mathematicians related to the conference!

As it is much funnier (and faster) to solve these puzzles in team, don't hesitate to try them with students, friends, colleagues! A small knowledge in mathematics/combinatorics is helping!

If you found all the names of the mathematicians on the statues, just fill this form to get a reward :-)

Click the image to enter into the Hotel Latticepathologia!

[Use keyboard arrow keys to move, and x to interact with objects]

Don't miss the cute song on the radio in the very bottom room!

The Lattice path puzzle hunt

Vivien Ripoll created puzzles for our Lattice Path Conference. On the side, you can download his first puzzle, if you're stuck, you can thank Doron who revealed two answers during his talk! ;-)

Go to the website which Vivien designed for us in order to get the full set of puzzles (the password is: welcometolpc). You'll find there the form to fill to check if you found the solution. And... in these times of pandemic, there is something quite unique to win at the end :-)

Vivien is a former colleague in combinatorics, who currently does not have a position, and is trying to work professionally as a creator of nice custom math-themed puzzles.
Our conference was 100% free, but if you enjoyed it, the best way to thank us is to make a donation to Vivien (any amount is appreciated) to help him create more puzzles for other events!
[His Paypal or IBAN references are there: ]

The fifth puzzle, "Disconcerting", is related to the video below.

You can already solve it, but for its very last step, you will need the solution to puzzles 1/2/3/4! :-)