Lattice Paths, Combinatorics and Interactions
Marches aléatoires, combinatoire et interactions

21 - 25 June 2021
The videos can be watched by clicking on "Videos of the day", at the end of each day, in the detailed programme. We will soon split these videos (currently big daily blocks of 8 hours!) talk by talk, and put them on YouTube. We will also add 15min recordings of the posters (for the authors who wish so).

Now, we have also to mention in this section our Lattice Path concert video (don't miss our puzzle page to understand why these participants kindly shared this with us!):


Our conference was really "hybrid":
Some American people woke up quite early to watch the morning sessions live!
Some Asia people went to bed quite late to watch the evening sessions live, or even to present some posters at 3am!
Sincere admiration for their dedication to science! Now everyone can watch the videos on a time of their choice (see at the top of this page) :-)

On a more poetic point of view, thanks to Andreas Nessmann for the following pictures of CIRM's neighbourhood:

Andreas, Sergey Dovgal, and Victor Nador were brave enough to wake up at 5am and to walk to the top of the nearby mountain to catch this magnificent sunrise.

Last but not least, Sergey is offering us a wonderful album of photos taken during the conference (click on the photos below to reach his album with much more photos, don't miss it!!!):

A path... what else could conclude our conference? :-)