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           pierre.nicodeme           Pierre Nicodème
Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris-Nord
Institut Galilée - Université Paris-Nord
99, avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément
93430 Villetaneuse

Office: A106
Phone: +33 1 49 40 40 69
Fax:     +33 1 48 26 07 12
E-mail: pierre.nicodeme at

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Research Interests:

I am working on Analysis of Algorithms and on Analytic Combinatorics and, in particular, on Words and Motif Statistics, Automata, Random Trees and Random Walks.

Administrative and scientific position

I am a former CNRS researcher, presently (since Feb. 2013) associated researcher at the Computer Science Laboratory LIPN of University Paris 13 (Paris-North). I did my PhD (1994-1997) at the LIX of the Ecole polytechnique and at the Algorithms Project of INRIA. I have been a postdoc (1998-1999) visiting the TBI group (Theoretical Bioinformatics) at the DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center), Heidelberg (Germany). I have been hired by CNRS in 1999 at the Laboratory Statistics and Genomes of the Genopole of Evry, where I stayed until 2002. I worked next (2002-2011) at the LIX of Ecole polytechnique and (2011-2013) at the LIPN of University Paris13

Collaboration with Palestinian Universities

CIMPA SCHOOL, Birzeit, August 2021

CIMPA School in Birzeit (Ramallah), Palestine (Nov 1-6, 2021)

Analytic, Algorithmic and Probabilistic Tools for Discrete Random Structures

Cancelled for reason of Corona pandemic

Former events:

Conference Random Graphs, Trees and Walks, Birzeit, Palestine, (August, 27-30, 2018)

CIMPA Summer School in Nablus, Palestine (August 18-27, 2014)

This school has been devoted to the analysis of random structures by analytic and probabilistic methods.


Here is my vita (pdf file).