ACONTA'22 : Augmented Complex Networks - Trustworthy Analysis
ACONTA'22 : First European Conference on

Augmented Complex Networks - Trustworthy Analysis

December 1 - 2, 2022
Paris, France

Important dates

  • Submission 07 November 2022
  • Notification 15 November 2022
  • Camera Ready 22 November 2022


Complex networks analysis have been shown to be useful for gaining insights in a wide variety of applications domains such as social interactions, ecology, biological, healthcare, safety and security, and many more. These applications have motivated the extension of network models to richer representations and augmented complex network models, such as feature-rich and higher-order network models. Examples include multiplex networks, multilayer networks, temporal networks attributed networks and network on networks. Machine learning approaches are being extensively used for obtaining insights into/using these models and for mining knowledge from these models and for a variety of tasks including node classification and role identification, link prediction, community detection, anomaly detection and much more. These tasks are generally required to enable and support critical decisions and should so be largely trustworthy. XAI approaches should be adapted to the networked context, and network analysis can also contribute to devise explainability- oriented features in the targeted applications areas. This conference aims to bridge the gap between these areas by exploring the use of complex network analysis and explainability in the following featured application areas: Complex networks in safety and security, Biological and ecological networks and Online Social Networks.


The conference will include a set of keynotes and invited talks grounding the different targeted areas : trustworthy machine learning approaches, augmented complex networks models with a special focus on the selected applications fields. The goal is to provide a context to elaborate models and to define actions towards trustworthy approaches in this context of analysing augmented complex networks. These invited talks, to be given by prominent researchers in the respected areas, should contribute to cross-fertilize ideas to ground this new research direction. This will be done in the context of a panel synthesizing different contributions in order to converge on a common understanding, and to point out interesting research directions in the targeted field of trustworthy analysis of augmented complex networks. In order to ease building a community in the targeted area, the conference will also feature contributed talks. For this, there will be an open submission and selection process, such that the conference will provide the opportunity for presenting a selection of contributed works.